West End Training, A UK based training and development organisation, represented in Bahrain by Romani, provides professional specialist Training Modules as well as a Management Development Programme. The unique selling point is the ability to offer a wide range of individual Training Modules, from which you can mix and match the subjects to make your own Training Course which suits your business needs exactly.






The British Standards Institution (BSI) is the world's leading provider of Standards covering every aspect of the modern economy from protection of intellectual property to technical specifications for personal protective equipment. British Standards is based in London, UK and has extensive relationships with National Standards Bodies (NSBs) throughout the world.


KP Consulting activities include Activity Based Cost Management (ABCM), Energy Audit Service (EAS) and Balanced Scorecard (BSC). A distinct aspect of the Consulting services, which is positively perceived by client organizations, is that engagements are handled by senior and experienced professionals having relevant qualifications and proven consulting skills.


JAJís Consultants and Advisors are able to provide a range of engineering related services and have a combined strength of work expertise of over 70 years and a proven track record of performance in the field of surveying, loss adjusting, valuation and inspection.